If you’ve spent most of this year drowning in debt, you’re probably dreading what the new year might bring to your financial situation. The approaching new year is a time for positive change, not worry and confusion. Resolve to be debt free in the new year with these helpful first steps from a San Antonio bankruptcy attorney.

Step #1: Evaluate Your Finances

There are varying levels of debt. If you’ve reached the point where you no longer want to answer the phone or are concerned you might lose your home, you may need the help of a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio. Compile a complete list of your expenses, income, assets, and debt owed to help your lawyer expedite the process of debt relief.

Step #2: Reduce Payments

Once you’ve compiled your financial portfolio, work with your lawyer to negotiate with debtors to lower monthly payments, if possible. Whether or not you’re considering bankruptcy, a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio can help you communicate with debtors and earn lower monthly payments, promising to put more money in your pocket in the New Year.

Step #3: Cut Unnecessary Expenses

No matter the severity of your financial situation, there are always ways to trim your budget. In addition to working with a San Antonio bankruptcy attorney, spend some time eliminating unnecessary bills from your list of expenses. This may include reducing personal care costs, choosing a less expensive service plan, or eating more meals at home.

Help from a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in San Antonio

Becoming debt free is a fantastic New Year’s resolution. With these three steps, you can begin the process of being debt free and make positive changes to safeguard your financial future. Depending on your individual circumstances, attempting to navigate the process of working with debtors and exploring your options can be overwhelming. The new year should bring freedom and relief, not more stress. In order to protect your belongings and property, working with a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio will help your New Year’s resolution of becoming debt free a reality.