Follow Your Personal Injury Attorneys Advice – Accident Lawyers

If you’ve hired a personal injury attorney and are in the midst of seeking damages, you should follow these ten steps.

1. Always seek the permission of your personal injury attorney before talking to anyone or making any official statements.personal injury attorneys

2. Keep copies of any bills you receive that are relevant to your treatment, including any hospital or pharmaceutical bills.

3. Be certain to keep anything that comes into your possession which might be used as evidence in your case, such as shoes, clothing, glasses, or photographs, and notify your attorney immediately.

4. Make sure you take photographs of everything involved in the case, including the scene of the accident, property of yours and the other party’s that was damaged, injuries you sustained, etc. Give these to your injury attorney.

5. Make detailed records of anything you underwent as a result of the injury, including your stay at the hospital, any treatment or surgeries undergone, any physical therapy you went through, and any permanent disability you now suffer from. This will help your automobile accident attorney.

6. Keep the office of your vehicle accident lawyer advised of all changes in address and telephone number as well as important changes in treatment, including termination of treatment, termination or resumption of employment, or any other changes.

7. Before you report anything to your insurance company, consult your attorney as to which kind of report you should make concerning your liability, your medical coverage, and any other claims under your policy. You should also see about claims against your own policy by a third party.

8. Take note of the fact that other parties involved in the accident and who are part of the case may have you under surveillance.accident attorneys

9. You may also have questions as to how long your case may take for settlement or litigation. This is going to depend on whether or not litigation is required or if you can settle this out of court. Keep in mind that litigation is the lawyer’s last result. Once he has finished with his investigation he will make a good faith effort to settle out of court with the insurance company for the highest amount possible. However, if your injury is extremely severe and long lasting, it is advisable to ascertain the full extent of your disability before settlement.

10. It is advisable to pay all medical bills through any health insurance available to you. And if your accident is covered under worker’s compensation or with no-fault insurance, use either of these before you use anything else.