At The Law Office of Steven C. Benke, we deal with divorce on a regular basis. Though we see it frequently, that does not mean we have become immune to the process or to the emotions our clients are experiencing. We genuinely sympathize with each individual and know that a rocky road may lie ahead. Fortunately, we can assure our clients that there is hope, and we strive to help them come to a place of healing and acceptance. We have much experience with divorce and offer the following tips for coping with the hardships that accompany this difficult process:

Seek Support. You don’t have to go through this process alone. Actively communicate your thoughts and feelings with friends and family. Even seeking out new friendships during this difficult time can be incredibly beneficial. Also, joining a support group or attending counseling can do wonders for providing the support you need.

Embrace Grief. Grief is normal and is one of the many steps required for overcoming a difficult loss. Grief is both important and vital to the recovery process and should be embraced. Only when you have allowed yourself to mourn the loss of a relationship and all that it entailed can you fully focus on what the future holds. Conversely, know that grief will not last forever and will be a stepping stone on the way to recovery. If you continue to feel consumed by these emotions for a long period of time, consult outside help.

Care for Yourself. You may feel like giving up after experiencing such a devastating loss, but continue to take care of yourself following a divorce. We suggest implementing healthy lifestyle choices, even if you haven’t in the past. Avoid the use of drugs and alcohol, and embrace things that will be good for you and make you feel great. You may not believe it, but you deserve to be happy. Read a book, go for a walk, or get a new haircut. Take one challenge at a time, and the path to a new life will emerge.

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