The legal system can sometimes be difficult to understand if you are not affiliated with it, meaning choosing the right lawyer for your needs can be confusing. Different types of law have differing sets of legal processes and requirements that each relies on a different set of expertise and skills to help you when proceeding with your case.

The first step to navigating these processes is selecting an attorney that is right for you – the following guide to the just some of the kinds of lawyers and the work they do will help you to begin legal proceedings.

Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one are accused or charged with a crime, you will need to contact a criminal defense attorney, or one will be provided for you by the state according to your legal rights. A defense lawyer will help you present your case, to either prove your innocence or negotiate a plea deal in court.

This type of attorney will have experience and knowledge relevant to the criminal law in Texas, to help you with police interviews or arrests, the terms of bail, arraignments, how you should plead, and issues relating to the trial itself. A criminal proceeding can be extremely stressful, meaning you will need someone with the professional skills to navigate this form of law and someone that will listen to and understand your case.

DWI or Drug Possession

This type of lawyer is needed if you have been charged with possessing illegal substances or driving while intoxicated. A DWI attorney will help to protect your legal and human rights if you are arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and will represent your best interests when attempting to negotiate a lesser punishment or sentence.

You may want to hire an experienced drug possession attorney if your case involves any charges relating to buying, selling or carrying illegal substances. They will be able to negotiate your sentence if you are found guilty and advise you on the plea deal to enter to obtain the best outcome for you, based on your individual situation.

Family Law

An attorney experienced in the different kinds of family law will be able to handle cases involving custody, spousal support, divorce or arranging a prenuptial agreement between partners.

A family violence attorney can protect the rights of you and your loved ones in legal situations involving domestic violence, presenting evidence to support a protective or restraining order. They will also negotiate custody and supervision rights during a trial on your behalf. This kind of attorney can work on behalf of the petitioner or the responded in the case of family law.

Personal Injury

A specialized lawyer in cases of personal injury can help you petition for compensation and damages after an accident. If you have suffered a car crash, injury at work or in a public place, the cause of which wasn’t your fault, a personal injury attorney will represent your claim and work to ensure you receive the maximum possible result.

This covers everything concerning the loss of earnings, medical bills or physical and emotional distress. The aim of these cases is often to obtain a monetary payout to compensate the distress caused and practical implications.


In the case of a dispute between an employer and their employees, an employment lawyer is best suited to represent your legal rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

This kind of attorney can act on behalf of an individual or a company in legal situations that arise from an employment contract. These issues can include income, workplace harassment, job security, discrimination, wrongful termination, fair labor law violations or protection for whistleblowers or those reporting any wrongdoing in their working environment.


A contract of corporate attorney of law can help you determine whether or not you should sign a contract and will proofread any legal documents, to explain to you the exact meanings and what you are agreeing to. They can also represent an individual or corporate company in cases of a breach of contract or any contract disputes.

Many transactions take place in both corporate and daily life that require you to sign a contract, including employment, renting a home, purchasing a cell phone or trading between businesses that may need a contract attorney.