Summer is a great time to pack up your children, or gather a group of friends, and take a fun day trip to the closest amusement park. Even though we all would like to believe that nothing bad could happen, the unfortunate reality is that going to an amusement park does carry an inherent risk of injury. If you are planning to spend a day or more at an amusement park this summer, here are some things that you should consider.

Risk of Injury
Personal injury lawyers know that going to an amusement park is associated with certain risks of injury. The risks of injury, however, may not come from where you most expect. In fact, large roller coasters at big amusement parks do not carry the largest risk of injury. The most dangerous rides (in no particular order) are:

Inflatable attractions (“bounce houses,” “bouncy castles,” etc.)
Mall rides and carnival rides (anything that is not considered a “fixed ride”)
Water slides

Generally speaking, it is the rides that are not at the larger amusement parks that are the most dangerous.

Protect Yourself and Your Children
Even though amusement park attractions come with an inherent risk of personal injury, there is no reason why you and your family should not be able to enjoy a day at the amusement park. If you are headed to an amusement park soon, personal injury lawyers recommend that you do what you can to protect yourself, including following these guidelines:

Always adhere to any age, height, weight or health restrictions.
Follow any and all loading instructions, including special seating arrangements.
Use all safety equipment like bars and belts.
Keep all extremities in the ride at all times.
Trust yourself and your instincts. If you feel like your child may not be able to handle the rules of the ride or that the ride may not be safe, choose another activity.

Spending a day at the amusement park can be a great way for a family to enjoy some time together this summer. If you pay attention to all posted rules and regulations, you should have no fear of amusement park injury. However, if you do find yourself injured at the amusement park, consult a personal injury lawyer who will be able to tell you if you are entitled to compensation and will help guide you through the process.