After The Wreck…Things You Must Do – YOU MUST ACT QUICKLY!

Large trucking companies have their own team of investigators that get dispatched to the scene of the crash usually right after it happens. It is critical that the truck is inspected, weighed and data from its black box recovered before any repairs are made by the trucking company. Key witnesses need to be interviewed and key pieces of evidence preserved as soon as possible. Photographing the scene, vehicles, vehicle placement, debris patterns, and skids marks need to be done the day or the crash or as soon as possible thereafter. Measurements of intersections, lanes and skid marks are critical factors that are necessary to recreate what happened. Time is a critical factor so it is critical you act quickly. 18 wheeler accident attorn eys

1. First, call an injury attorney who has experience handling cases involving 18-wheeler, big truck, semi or tractor-trailer rigs. It takes specialized skill and knowledge to handle these cases and not every injury attorney has what it takes.

2. Don’t speak to any person from the trucking company or their insurance company. There will be plenty of time after you have hired an attorney for them to speak with you but it is absolutely critical that you do not speak to anyone about the crash until after you have hired a lawyer and your lawyer says that it is okay to talk to them.

3. Do NOT sign any papers or documents until you have them reviewed by an experienced attorney.

4. Secure and store your vehicle out of the elements. Do not let the insurance company or anyone else take possession of your vehicle until after you have consulted an attorney. The vehicle itself is a critical piece of evidence. Do not damage, tamper, alter, repair, modify or in any way change anything on the vehicle until after you have consulted with an experienced attorney

5. Keep copies of all medical bills, police department accident incident or report numbers, photographs of the vehicles, and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the crash. Give this information to your attorney as soon as possible personal injury accident attorneys

If you do these 5 things as soon as possible you will help yourself and your family a great deal. I have written this information for you and I hope it helps you know what you should do right now.

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