Accidents involving commercial trucks can be devastating, regardless of location. Some areas, however, are more dangerous than others. The sheer number of trucks on the road near the Eagle Ford Oil Fields, also commonly known as Eagle Ford Shale, makes driving dangerous for commuters in smaller vehicles. If you have been injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

An extraordinary high number of collisions are common near the Eagle Ford Oil Fields because of congestion. Accidents involving 18-wheeler may be caused by a number of factors, including old trucks, fatigue, driver negligence, company negligence, unskilled operators, and more. It only takes a second for an 18-wheeler to cause major bodily harm or death.

In South Texas, increased business in oil production means companies have hired more drivers and increased truck traffic on the road. While truck drivers hired by the oil companies may have their commercial license, not all new hires are experienced enough to safely drive in congested traffic around the Eagle Ford Oil Fields. Additionally, increased productivity means many drivers are pressured to drive long hours and suffer from fatigue. Accidents near the Eagle Ford Oil Fields may be caused by the following:

Reckless driving
Improperly trained drivers
Improper maintenance of trucks
Negligent or impaired drivers
Unsafe companies
Overweight trucks
Unsecured loads
The size and difference in power between 18-wheelers and smaller vehicles is significant, often leaving commuters with devastating injuries. An experienced attorney will fight against oil and commercial trucking companies in an effort to fully compensate injured clients. Compensable damages include:

Medical costs in the past and future
Lost wages in the past and future
Physical pain in the past and future
Emotional suffering in the past and future
Physical Impairment in the past and future
Scarring and disfigurement in the past and future
Wrongful death damages
It is important to contact an experienced attorney immediately after an accident, especially involving an 18-wheeler. Commercial trucking companies will fight to avoid legal responsibilities. Trucking companies have been known to reach out to the victim or families to get statements that will harm the victim’s claims. A common practice is to illicit comments or obtaining testimonies whereby victims admit partial responsibility for the accident. Immediately consulting with a legal expert can help you avoid being tricked by trucking or oil companies in an effort to limit or deny claims.

Accidents involving 18-wheelers in South Texas, catastrophic or not, are usually devastating. You do not want to be unprepared or unknowingly hurt your legal case. Contact our legal experts today to learn how we can help.

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